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A Short Note On The Global Ecology Center - 2691 Words

Arch 100 Term Paper. The Global Ecology Center Lihao Wang, May 19 The word â€Å"sustainable† is very popular recent years. Many countries are trying to reduce the carbon emission. They tried controlling the smoke of the car. They tried controlling the use of the electric and recycle everything they can use again. However, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of buildings is more than either the transportation or industrial sectors. According to US Green Building Council’s research,In 2004, total emissions from residential and commercial buildings were 2236 million metric tons of CO2, or 39% of total US. Also, buildings consume 70% of the electricity load in the US.(USGBC) A building called Global Ecology Center reduced 72% reduction in carbon emissions and 50% in embodied carbon for building materials. Global Ecology Center is located in Stanford, and it was chosen as an AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project for 2007. The capacity is 10,900 ft2. It completed in March 2004. Global Ecology Center combined with laborato ries and offices. It owned by and occupied by Carnegie Institution of Washington, Corporation.(nonprofit) All told, the GEC achieved a 72 percent savings over a 2001 California Title 24-compliant building, the strictest energy code in the nation, for a modest capital cost premium paid back between two and five years. In short, this is a good example for the sustainable buildings and works very well. I visited the building twice and I foundShow MoreRelatedThe Western Relationship With Nature1735 Words   |  7 Pagesavenue is imperative to this essay as many of the environmental and social issues that are present in today’s world are entangled by a certain subset of Western or European set of values denoting how to interact with the environment. These generally center around the notions of ‘development’ and ‘modernity’. Reading widely on the topic, one finds most of the literature of non-western ideals of nature are centered upon ‘traditionalâ €™ and religious views of environment. Traditional as in the constructsRead MoreSyllabus1864 Words   |  8 PagesResponsibility Business-Government Relations Ethical Organizations amp; Managerial Reasoning Employee/Workplace Responsibilities Global Corporate Citizenship amp; Market Impacts Community Relations Corporate Power amp; Competitive Markets Environmental Impacts Technology: Global amp; Social Forces Supply Chain Responsibility Ecology amp; Environmental Management in Business Consumer Protection Sustainable Business amp; Triple Bottom Line Stockholder RightsRead MoreThe Impact of Globalization on Public Health in United States2017 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿The Impact of Globalization on Public Health in United States Introduction Good health for all people has turned out to be an acknowledged global objective and the records reveal that there have been extensive achievements in life expectancy over the past century. However, there has been persistence in health disproportions between affluent and deprived despite the fact that the prospects for upcoming health trends depend more and more on the latest processes of globalization. In the previousRead More The Greenhouse Effect, A Torrent of Information, and the Politics of Mass Uncertainty1967 Words   |  8 PagesThe Greenhouse Effect, A Torrent of Information, and the Politics of Mass Uncertainty Introduction: Global warming, the ozone layer, and deforestation are becoming increasingly discussed topics both in the international community and society. Former Vice-President Albert Gore stated in his 1992 book Earth in the Balance, â€Å"The process of filling the atmosphere with CO2 and other pollutants†¦is a willful expansion of our dysfunctional civilization into vulnerable parts of the world†Read MoreHow Many Friends Do You Have With A Liberal Studies Major? Essay2361 Words   |  10 Pagespeople, establishes we cannot value economic abstractions over people. We must be responsible with how we apply knowledge. The fifth principle is the power of examples over words. Orr illustrates the irony of institutions encouraging students for global responsibility while they invest financially in irresponsible things. It is important to be consistent with our actions. The sixth and last principle is that the way learning occurs is as important as the content in courses. Orr establis hes the wayRead MoreAssessment Of The Author s Community Teaching Experience Essay1992 Words   |  8 Pagesobjective of the Healthy People 2020 Environmental Health is to focus on 6 themes and those are outdoor air quality, surface and ground water quality, toxic substances and hazardous wastes, homes and communities, infrastructure and surveillance and global environmental health. Noise and radiation has long-term effects and its exposure can be devastating. Environmentally induced stress is an example natural or man-made disaster. The Air pollution creates a wide array of health issues like cardiovascularRead MoreAdams Morg The Process Of A Role2193 Words   |  9 Pagesinitially emerged as a sporadic, quaint, and local anomaly in the housing markets of some command-center cities, is now thoroughly generalized as an urban strategy that takes over from liberal urban policy.† Further stating that in the essence of urban renaissance, â€Å"the impulse behind gentrification is now generalized; its incidence is global, and it is densely connected into the circuits of global capital and cultural circulation.† Fullilove (2001) examines â€Å"urban renewal as an important federalRead MoreSustainable Supply Chain13609 Words   |  55 Pagesviability – to the logistics literature, and position sustainability within the broader rubric of SSCM. They then present a framework of SSCM and develop research propositions based on resource dependence theory, transaction cost economics, population ecology, and the resource-based view of the ï ¬ rm. The authors conclude by discussing managerial implications and future research directions, including the further development and testing of the framework’s propositions. Originality/value – This paper providesRead More A Struggling Economy: Jamaica and U.S. Relations Essay4504 Words   |  19 Pageslook as ripe. (CSA, 2/15/04) In my research, I found that not only were chemicals added to make bananas appear more yellow or desirable as my interviewee pointed out, but also according to the Physiologic Activity Controls Center to make the fruit ripen faster. (Ecology and the Conservation of Natural Resources, 3) Furthermore, I discovered that Jamaica’s tropical climate has also made its temperate interior susceptible to extreme weather conditions, like hurricanes. For example, in 1980 andRead MoreShould Animals Be Used in Lab?3435 Words   |  14 Pagesissue has many curses and blessings. All the species of animals have their own importance in the ecosystem. Many species of animals can become extinct because of animal research. As a result, an unholy mess in ecology would emerge, which would be a curse not any less dangerous that global warming, pollution, and overpopulation. Human lives are worthier than animal lives because humans experience things like love, sympathy, hate, caring, justice, and pain based on relationships among them. Animals

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